Figure stat
Tap any figure at any time to review the player’s statistics.

Skills and dice 
Each skill value (pucks) corresponds to the number of dice launched to resolve the action.

Each dice has 6 faces: 3 losing crosses, 2 regular winning pucks and a reroll fire puck.

While performing an action, the relevant opponent skill value is displayed.

Review your stats 
As a team manager, you can review your lifetime performances by tapping on your name on the main menu.

Change your team logo 
Tap your team logo at the top of the main menu to change your Team Logo.

Most valuable figure 
At the end of each match, the Most Valuable Figure of the match will receive Tickets rewards.

Trade your duplicates to complete your collection.

Test your new figures into the practice area before launching them into the arena.

Achievements are a good way to get tickets.

Mark your favorite figures allow you to have them at the top of the list during matches.

Friendly battle
Connect into GameCenter or Facebook to be able to challenge your friends.

Check the ranking regularly to know your potential opponent.

Use your tickets to buy new awesome figures.

Special bonuses
There are many spacial bonuses for the figures, Know them well and you will master your strategy.

Place your best defenseman aside your opponent best forward is the best way to counter him.

Weak figures with bonus can be more effective the the best ones.